Adopting Isaac

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I600A again..Can You Believe It?!?!

Our agency checked its STILL not in Ethiopia?!?! We started this form in September the last we heard Guatemala was going to send it to Ethiopia and that was like 4 weeks ago. I really dont know how much longer i can try to fix other peoples mess ups on this very important form without losing it! I really dont know where to go from here i emailed the lady who originally mailed it to Guatemala maybe she can help. gggrrrr!

Friday, March 30, 2007

We could change your kid's diaper now

Cause we have a changing table!!! Thanks Kim! Y'all how perfect does this go with the Doc Seuess theme?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

One thing off the nesting list

Well we can scratch one thing off the nesting list... but not the list you all have LOL We had a HUGE dead tree in the backyard. I was afraid to post it on our nesting list in case it fell and hit the house we would want insurance to cover it. Insurance does not cover a falling tree if you knew it was going to fall (or so my dad says) and since professional tree cutters (yes thats what i am going to call them) look at adoption blogs all the time i had to play it safe and leave it off the internet. Anyway.. They came and cut it down today well first they took down half my fence (its not the main fence its more of a dog pen)then charged me $1000. Now i have a 1/2 of a dead tree in my back yard that we are going to try to cut up and throw in the back. So i guess its not off my list since we are not done... Does the fact that its lying on its side count?? So don't expect us to blog much this weekend we will be to busy making are crappy back yard a little less crappy or at minimum the fence back up for the dogs.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

6 weeks blah

Talked to the agency today they said still on track for May.. I was hoping we would be early. I really dont know if i can make it 6 weeks. The wait has really started to get to me the last couple of days. This sucks!God help me if they go over the 6 weeks!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Caleb's Closet

and new clothes :) He officially has more clothes than we do lol (the floor still has tape and plastic on it)

close up

inside left side, pants, hats and shoes

Inside right, toys are adding up!

Here are some of our fav new clothes out of the closet:

a Ralph Lauren onesie we got at Macy's, for $7!!

From Kathryn

THANKS KATHRYN!! isnt the butt cute!!?!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mural #1 is FINISHED!

and it turned out wonderfully!! Around 19hrs start to finish. Here are two shots for ya.

and close up

Now to start on #2

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Counting Days.. Well Weekends

Is it almost time to count down the days to referral yet?? We only have another 6 weekends to go but i dont know if i can make it LOL
The light bulb for the mural came in yesterday so at least we can stay busy right?!?!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CDC Recommended Vaccinations

OK really all this?!?! And its a good $1000 each :-(

Recommended Vaccinations and Preventive Medications
The following vaccines may be recommended for your travel to East Africa. Discuss your travel plans and personal health with a health-care provider to determine which vaccines you will need.

Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG). Transmission of hepatitis A virus can occur through direct person-to-person contact; through exposure to contaminated water, ice, or shellfish harvested in contaminated water; or from fruits, vegetables, or other foods that are eaten uncooked and that were contaminated during harvesting or subsequent handling.
Hepatitis B, especially if you might be exposed to blood or body fluids (for example, health-care workers), have sexual contact with the local population, or be exposed through medical treatment. Hepatitis B vaccine is now recommended for all infants and for children ages 11–12 years who did not receive the series as infants.
Malaria: your risk of malaria may be high in all countries in East Africa, including cities. See your health care provider for a prescription antimalarial drug. For details concerning risk and preventive medications, see Malaria Information for Travelers to East Africa.
Meningococcal (meningitis) if you plan to visit countries in this region that experience epidemics of meningococcal disease during December through June, (see see Map 4-9 on the Meningoccocal Disease page).
Rabies, pre-exposure vaccination, if you might have extensive unprotected outdoor exposure in rural areas, such as might occur during camping, hiking, or bicycling, or engaging in certain occupational activities.
Typhoid vaccine. Typhoid fever can be contracted through contaminated drinking water or food, or by eating food or drinking beverages that have been handled by a person who is infected. Large outbreaks are most often related to fecal contamination of water supplies or foods sold by street vendors
Yellow fever, a viral disease that occurs primarily in sub-Saharan Africa and tropical South America, is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected mosquitoes. The virus is also present in Panama and Trinidad and Tobago. Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for travelers to endemic areas and may be required to cross certain international borders (For country specific requirements, see Yellow Fever Vaccine Requirements and Information on Malaria Risk and Prophylaxis, by Country.). Vaccination should be given 10 days before travel and at 10 year intervals if there is on-going risk.
As needed, booster doses for tetanus-diphtheria, measles, and a one-time dose of polio vaccine for adults.
Required Vaccinations
A certificate of yellow fever vaccination may be required for entry into certain countries in East Africa. For detailed information, see Yellow Fever Vaccine Requirements and Information on Malaria Risk and Prophylaxis, by Country. Also, find the nearest authorized U.S. yellow fever vaccine center.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Murals on hold

Yup murals put on hold. The light bulb burnt out last night and get this they are $24 and you can only order them..Boo
We ordered 2 seeing as how they only last 40hr each.
Man murals are expensive!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Adding to the Nesting List

So i guess i am really nesting cause the list is getting longer.

clean the gutters
get the carpets cleaned
clean my car (like deep cleaning)
clean the blinds in the house (is there a better way to do this other then sticking them in the bath tub?)
Get rid of Guinan's training cage and clean that area (should take about 60 days all by itself to clean)

So we are painting the murals for the next two weeks.I am guessing we are going to be plenty busy waiting for the referral to come (which is so needed)with the murals and now this list that gets longer daily.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

We Have a Boat!

Friday we started on one of the murals. As you all know we are painting two scenes from Dr. Suess' Green Eggs and Ham. Here is a photocopy of the page of the book we are painting

And here is what we've accomplished this weekend.

Not bad eh?! the bottom has a strip of painters tape, so when we remove that the bottom will have a straight edge. We realize now, that this is going to take a long time to finish lol, we worked until about 1am Friday and until 3am Saturday and just finished up for the night tonight at 10:30. whew! but totally worth it!


Friday, March 16, 2007

Maybe nesting?

So i think i might be feeling the first touches of nesting LOL
I was thinking this morning. i need to

clean the gutters
get the carpets cleaned
clean my car (like deep cleaning)

Now i am a pretty up tight person so i think these things all the time but this morning it was a little different cause i ended it all with before Caleb comes... Like have to clean the gutters BEFORE CALEB COMES!!!
Nesting maybe :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shameless Commerce...

Hey everyone! We just opened a cafepress store! check it out, stuff for babies up to 4T! I just started so things will be added so keep on checking back!!
If you look to your right, theres a permalink!

Check it out... Don't make me beg ;)


Sacred Sites of Ethiopia and the Arc of the Convenant

Sacred sites of Ethiopia

Seldom visited by foreign tourists over the past few decades due to its continuing political problems, Ethiopia is most well known as being the possible cradle of humankind. Fossil remains (the famous Lucy) discovered in northeastern Ethiopia have been dated to roughly 3.5 million years, making them the earliest known example of an upright walking hominid. The oldest known stone tools, dating to 2.4 million years, were also found in this same region. But Ethiopia has numerous other claims to fame, including the mysterious granite obelisks of Axum, the extraordinary rock-hewn churches of Lalibela and - most enigmatic of all - the church of St. Mary of Zion, probable location of the Holy Arc of the Covenant.

The early history of Ethiopia (also called Abyssinia) begins with the glorious but little known kingdom of Axum. The origins of the Axumite state are now dated to the middle of the 2nd century BC. At the height of its power, between the 4th and 7th centuries AD, the Axumite kingdom controlled most of present-day Ethiopia, including territories in the southern parts of the Arabian Peninsula. The Axumite rulers were in regular diplomatic and commercial contact with Egyptian, Greek, Byzantine and Persian empires. The achievements of this grand culture are recorded today in the ruins of its cities, reservoirs, temples and, most remarkably, its towering black granite obelisks.
These obelisks, also called stelae, are known to be the tallest single pieces of stone ever quarried and erected in the ancient world. Their age and use is a complete mystery. Some scholars, extrapolating from ancient coins found at the base of the giant pillars, suggest that they may have been carved and erected around the beginning of the 4th century AD. Due to their proximity to nearby tombs, the obelisks may possibly have been used as memorials to deceased kings and queens, but this is only a speculation. The tallest of the monoliths, now fallen and broken into six massive pieces, was 33.3 meters tall and weighed an estimated five tons (the largest Egyptian obelisk is that of King Tutmosis, 32.16 meters high and now standing in Rome). The tallest obelisk still standing at Axum today is 23 meters. Precisely carved upon its sides (and upon the sides of many other nearby stelae) are what seem to be representations of multiple storeys with floors between them. Each storey features several window-like carvings and, at the base of the obelisks, what appear to be false doors complete with knockers and locks. Are these carvings merely artistic ornamentations or did they have some deeper function?

An even greater mystery surrounds the ancient city of Axum. A few hundred meters from the cluster of towering obelisks is a large walled compound surrounding two churches. Between these two churches, both dedicated to St. Mary of Zion, are the foundational remains of an ancient church and a strange looking, fenced off and heavily guarded “treasury” said to contain the true Arc of the Covenant. Legends tell that long ago this entire area was a swamp inhabited by evil spirits. God helped the local people by coming down to the nearby sacred hill of Makade Egzi and throwing a miraculous dust from heaven that dried up the swamp, dispelled the evil spirits and charged the region with a magical power. Over uncounted centuries shrines were constructed upon the hill and where the swamp had been. Around this holy place grew the cities of pre-Axumite and Axumite kingdoms.

In 331 AD, the Axumite king Ezana was converted to Christianity by the Syrian monk Frumentius. Upon the foundations of the ancient pagan temples, a great church of St. Mary was built in 372 AD. This church, probably the earliest Christian church in sub-Saharan Africa, was visited in the early 1520’s by the Portuguese explorer, Francisco Alvarez. Writing of the church, Alvarez says:

“It is very large and has five naves of a good width and of a great length, vaulted above, and all the vaults are covered up, and the ceiling and sides are all painted; it also has a choir after our fashion ... This noble church has a very large circuit, paved with flagstones, like gravestones, and it has a large enclosure, and is surrounded by another large enclosure like the wall of a large town or city. ”

What factors explain the remarkable grandeur of this church isolated so deep in the remote mountains of northern Ethiopia, so far from the orbit of Christianity? One explanation is that a rich king of a powerful empire built the great church. More compelling is the notion that it was built to house the fabled and enigmatic relic, the Holy Arc of the Covenant.
The Arc of the Covenant and its supposedly divine contents are one of the great mysteries of antiquity. Its story begins with Moses. The traditional founder of Judaism, Moses was born in Egypt, the son of a Hebrew slave. The Hebrews had been in bondage in Egypt for four hundred years from approximately 1650-1250 BC. Near the end of this period an Egyptian priest in the service of the Pharaoh made a prophecy that a child would be born to the Hebrews that would one day free them from their slavery. The Pharaoh, on hearing this prophecy, ordered that every male child born to the Hebrews should be killed by drowning. In hopes of preventing his death, Moses' parents placed him in a small basket, which they set adrift on the Nile. He was found by the daughter of the Pharaoh and subsequently raised as an adopted son of the royal family. During his upbringing he was extensively educated in the esoteric and magical traditions of the Egyptian mystery schools. At the age of forty Moses discovered that his original people, the Hebrews, were in bondage to the Egyptians. Enraged at this cruel treatment, he killed an Egyptian overseer and fled into exile into the Sinai wilderness.

Approximately forty years later, while grazing his flocks on the side of Mt.Horeb, Moses came upon a burning bush that was, miraculously, unconsumed by its own flames. A voice speaking out of the fire (Exodus 3:1-13) commanded him to lead his people out of bondage in Egypt and return with them to the mountain. Upon his return Moses twice climbed the mountain to commune with god. Regarding the second ascent, Exodus 24: 16-18 states: And the glory of the Lord abode upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days; and the seventh day God called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud. And the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel. And Moses entered into the midst of the cloud, and went up into the mount; and Moses was in the mount fourty days and fourty nights. During this time on the mountain Moses received two tablets upon which God inscribed the Ten Commandments, in addition to precise dimensions for the Arc of the Covenant, which would contain the tablets.

Soon thereafter the Arc, a portable box-like shrine, was constructed and Moses and his people departed from Mt. Sinai. According to archaic textual sources the actual Arc was a wooden chest measuring three feet nine inches long by two feet three inches high and wide. It was lined inside and out with pure gold and was surmounted by two winged figures of cherubim that faced each other across its heavy gold lid. Many scholars believe it may have contained pieces of meteorites or powerful radioactive rocks.

In the ensuing two hundred and fifty years, between the time it was taken from Mt.Sinai to when it was finally installed in the first great Jewish temple in Jerusalem, the Arc was kept for two centuries at Shiloh, was captured by the Philistines for seven months, and then, returned to the Israelites, was kept in the village of Kiriath-Jearim. During this entire time it was associated with numerous extraordinary phenomena, many of which involved the killing or burning of often large numbers of people. Biblical and other archaic sources speak of the Ark blazing with fire and light, inflicting cancerous tumors and severe burns, leveling mountains, stopping rivers, blasting whole armies and laying waste cities.

Passages in the Old Testament give the impression that these happenings were divine actions of Yahweh, the god of the Hebrews. Contemporary scholars, however, believe that there may be another explanation. Writing in his meticulously researched book, The Sign and the Seal (concerning his search for the lost Arc of the Covenant), Graham Hancock suggests that the Arc, and more precisely its mysterious contents, may have been a product of ancient Egyptian magic, science and technology. Moses, being highly trained by the Egyptian priesthood, was certainly knowledgeable in these matters and thus the astonishing powers of the Arc and its “Tablets of the Law” may have derived from archaic Egyptian magic rather than the mythical god Yahweh.

At some unknown date, this awesome object vanished from its place in the Holy of Holies in the Jewish Temple. The date of its disappearance and its subsequent whereabouts has mystified legions of biblical scholars, archaeologists and historians. Among the various explanations given for its disappearance, two are particularly worthy of consideration.

Ethiopian legends say that when the Queen of Sheba made her famous journey to Jerusalem she was impregnated by King Solomon and bore him a son - a royal prince - who in later years stole the Ark. The name of the prince was Menelik, which means "the son of the wise man". Although he was conceived in Jerusalem he was born in Ethiopia where the Queen of Sheba had returned after discovering that she was carrying Solomon's child. When he had reached the age of twenty, Menelik himself traveled from Ethiopia to Israel and arrived at his father's court. There he was instantly recognized and accorded great honor. After a year had passed, however, the elders of the land became jealous of him. They complained that Solomon showed him too much favor and they insisted that he must go back to Ethiopia. This the king accepted on the condition that the first-born sons of all the elders should also be sent to accompany him. Amongst these latter was Azarius, son of Zadok the High Priest of Israel, and it was Azarius, not Menelik, who stole the Ark of the Covenant from its place in the Holy of Holies in the Temple. The group of young men did not reveal the theft to Prince Menelik until they were far away from Jerusalem. When at last they told him what they had done he asserted that they could not have succeeded in so bold a venture unless God had willed its outcome. Therefore he agreed that the Ark should remain with them. Thus Menelik brought the Arc to Ethiopia, to the sacred city of Axum, where it has remained ever since.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dr. Seuss Stuffed Animals

First off I must thank Karla SO SO SO much over and over again because she absolutely rox0rz my sox0rz! Today we were over Rachel's visiting her and her 2 yr old Isabella and she said "Oooh Karla gave me some stuff to give to you, lemme run to the car and get it" And of all things she could come back with, she comes back with this:

Can you believe it!? She also gave us a black zipped hoodie and cute Nikes! but they look to be about 12 months. OMG <3 Karla!

Another Dr. Seuss related thing. I got this on eBay. its 13 books in one, its huge!

Anyway, thats all :)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

If These Walls Could Talk...

they'd say OMG U GUYS DID A KICKASS JOB PAINTING ME! lol ok, 5 pics from start to finish. Oh and we still have to paint the murals

Blank wall

Final white coat and taped for zig zags

First coat blue


Saturday, March 10, 2007

1 month down

1 month gone since we found out 3 months (May 13th) to referral. OMG!! It went by SO fast!!!!!! 2 month or less left!!!!! YAY :-)

Thursday, March 08, 2007


You want the bad news or good?? LOL
Lets go with the good.

GOOD_ Ziggy is doing so much better with the Chemo then they thought. They said he is actually going into remission!!!!! Of course he has to keep up with the chemo but we are all (including doctors) shocked at his progress. Although we are trying to stay level headed and keep one foot on the ground. Its a true miracle! We are so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAD (although in retrospect not that bad)_ He might have Parkinson's disease. He has had a problems the last couple years and it just got a lot worse. They tried him on some medications to see if they can get it under control. My grandmother had Parkinson's and although its a terrible disease so far he has beaten all the cancer odds i am sure he will take this head on and win.

YAY for Ziggy!!!!!!!!!! What a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all going out tonight to party!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crazy thought

Ok crazy thought... Caleb could already be on this earth.
Referrals from what i cant tell are usually 1 to 6 month old babies. That means he is probably already here! Crazy!
I hope he is being well cared for.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This time 8 months ago..

This time 8 months ago we were filling out the adoption application.
Time moves so slow cause i don't even remember doing that lol
We are about 3/4 of the way done and this 1/4 that we have left is the fun part, full of baby showers and travel plans.
8 months i cant get over it.. thats a long time!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Adoption NOT 2nd place

I think a lot of people think adoption is a last resort. Not that everyone is not supportive but in general the underlying feeling is adoption is 2nd place / last choice. Sometimes when we tell people we are adopting they ask why we dont try to have kids or on adoption forums there are always lots of posts from women trying to conceive while adopting. Dont get me wrong being pregnant is something i would love to experience. Its like cross roads the left way the pregnancy way was blocked so we go right the adoption way. We dont care which way both have there good and bad points in the end they both end in the same road family / a baby. We didn't really care which direction its the end result that counts.
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Friday, March 02, 2007

A Big Congrats!!!

We would just like to take the time to congratulate a friend of ours, Elizabeth who just got a referral and pictures of a 5 year old boy from Ethiopia!!! Hopefully they will be traveling in May to pick up their son. The referral of her son has gotten us so excited for ours, and he is so stinkin' cute!! Congratulations Elizabeth and family!!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

I600A almost fixed

Two updates:
1. we received the approved copy stating Ethiopia instead of Guatemala
2. our agency said they would check with the embassy to make sure Ethiopia received it in about 3 weeks

wow i feel much better :-)