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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Waiting children

Well we received the waiting child video from the orphanage today. Part of it was so sad. A lot of the children had chickenpox there was really bad flies and almost every child they showed they said something about the parents being dead. On the other hand it was way cool getting to look at the orphanage and the nuns who care for the children. The orphanage looked nicer then i thought it could so that was good. The children looked well cared for so that was great! Most of the children waiting are sibling groups with older children and babies with hiv. I wish we could bring them all home!


At 2:28 PM , Blogger Michelle said...

I love reading about your adoption expirence. Before TTC with donor sperm, DH and I almost got into adoption. It didnt work out though, with our ages being a concern. I am only 22. After we have 1-2 babies with DS, we want to get back into adoption when it will a little better for us with age and financial resources. I think you are doing a wonderful. I would like to adopt from Kazakstan or Russia.
Soon your baby will be in our arms!
I hope is just REAL soon!! I cant wait to read all about it.


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