Adopting Isaac

Monday, December 11, 2006


My mother just called. Asked me how the adoption is going (for the first time I might add) then proceeded to tell me not to get my hopes up, that she knows two people who adopted internationally and both adoptions fell through. She said they did finally get children but it took a while and was very difficult. I told her adoption is different then it used to be, it's different in every country and every agency. Our agency is one of only 6 allowed to adopt in Ethiopia they have been there the 2nd longest of any agencies, they do more adoptions then any other agency and that I did a lot of research and never read anything bad. It was all in one ear out the other. I know time will prove to her that this is happening but it really bothers me that she is so negative about it!!! What do I say to her? How can I prove her wrong? I feel like maybe I told her too soon cause now comes the waiting and the entire time she is going to be thinking yes I am right this is not going to happen. I just wanted to give her time to get used to it not time to be negative about it and to make me so freaken mad! It would be different if she was doing this to protect me but I have a feeling she is doing this as a way to justify to herself that this is not happening a back door to not dealing with it. GGRRRR!!! I need supportive people around me now in this difficult waiting stage not this BS!



At 8:11 PM , Blogger Michell said...

I'm sorry that your mom is not only not being supportive and encouraging but is being discouraging. It is hard to deal with people like that. Hopefully you will be able to let it roll off you and not affect you too much. And the adoption will happen and when it does, it will be so worth everything you've had to endure to get there.

At 8:49 PM , Blogger owlhaven said...

just smile and tell her, "I guess we'll have to wait and see..."

It will work out!!
Mary, mom to many


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